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Where Every Space Tells a Story

Luxury Cottage Tent

Enhance your desert retreat to a level of refined sophistication with our exquisite Luxury Cottage Tents. Crafted for those who demand the utmost in comfort, these sanctuaries provide havens of unparalleled luxury. Offering an expansive space of 450 sq.ft., larger than our premium tents, these accommodations seamlessly combine opulence with the mystique of the Thar Desert. Indulge in contemporary amenities while immersing yourself in the breathtaking vistas of the endless desert canvases unfurling before you.
As dusk falls, behold the Golden City of Rajasthan setting the horizon ablaze, its fiery reflection casting a mesmerizing dance in the private oasis of your retreat. Totaling 24 in number, our luxury cottage tents provide an exclusive experience for those seeking the epitome of desert luxury. Shed the day’s attire in your own dedicated dressing area, a spacious haven bathed in natural light. Imagine laying out your outfit with ease, a full-length mirror reflecting your polished self. The adjoining en-suite bathroom waits, offering a luxurious escape to refresh and rejuvenate. Unwind in this thoughtfully designed space, where every detail whispers of comfort and seamless transitions.

Premium cottage tent

Wake to the sun painting the Thar Desert in golden hues as you emerge from your luxurious cocoon. Your premium cottage tent, one of eight in total, embraces the vast panoramas of the Thar, blurring the line between canvas and landscape. Spanning an expansive 300 sq. ft., each tent offers breathtaking views of the resort’s gardens.
The interior is adorned with a king-size bed and all the modern luxury amenities to enhance your stay. The contemporary style interior, seamlessly blended with Rajput grandeur, and handcrafted furniture echo the beauty of Jaisalmer, with each piece whispering tales of ancient artisans. Unveil your inner stylist in our dedicated dressing area, bathed in natural light. Flow seamlessly into your en-suite bathroom, where every detail pampers, for a luxurious start or end to your day. Every detail is meticulously designed, ensuring that your desert sojourn is a journey of pure indulgence.

Royal Suites

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with our premium resort accommodations—the highest tier within our selection. These spacious tents, each spanning 400 sq.ft., offer an unparalleled experience of opulence in the heart of the desert. Featuring a charming balcony with picturesque garden views and a tranquil sitting space, these tents are designed for utmost comfort for a party of two.
They seamlessly blend local textures with contemporary design, transforming desert living into an art form. Imagine stepping into a spacious living area bathed in warm sunlight, with plush sofas inviting you to unwind. Through a graceful archway, discover your private haven: a bedroom with a king-size bed adorned with crisp linens. Ambient lighting sets the mood for relaxation, and adjacent to the bathroom, a dedicated dressing area awaits. But the experience doesn’t end there; step outside to our “Open Air Bath” area and indulge in a bath under the sky. Moreover, there are a total of 4 royal suites available, ensuring exclusivity and personalized attention throughout your stay at Marugarh Camp.
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